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  I decided to put my profile on Mit Mazel due to an ad I saw in The Jewish Press: "Mit Mazel, where Jewish singles click". One of the best decisions I made in my life. — Ivan
  Mit Mazel is by far my favorite website for seeking my bashertah. Already several years ago I found my "almost bashertah" through Mit Mazel and her wisdom and teaching has helped open many gates for me, boruch Hashem. I am deeply honored by Mit Mazel's central role in my life since over seven years ago. I hope your Chanukah was very beautiful in every way. Sincerely … — Zelig Eliazar
  Dear Mit Mazel, It is almost impossible for me to try to put into words what the existence of Mit Mazel has done for my life. Through Hashem’s help, and your website, I have been amazingly blessed with the most wonderful shidduch, bli ayin horah, I could ever have hoped for. When I began looking for a shidduch, I was living in a big city with a very small religious community. I could tell in a short time that there was no-one there for me. Having three small children, it was not viable for me to "up and leave" to go elsewhere where there were larger communities. Thanks to Mit Mazel, my situation did not stop me from finding love and happiness, Baruch Hashem. We both feel so blessed and fortunate we found each other. How would we ever have done it without you?! I would like to thank you deeply, with all my heart, for the wonderful service you provide, that led to our marriage, and that has brought us so much happiness. Kol Tov … — Sarah
  I got engaged through another site, although I really liked this one the BEST because it asked very tough and personal questions in great detail. Keep up all the great work that you do in making shidduchim happen! All the Best, … — Alexander
  B"H Dear Mit Mazel, By the grace of Hashem and through your wonderful web site I am so happy to tell you that I have found my bashert and I am engaged to be married. G-d willing, soon after our wedding, when I get some time, I plan on writing you our story and perhaps e-mailing you some pictures of us at our wedding together. Thank G-d, this was the best few dollars I have ever spent so far in all of my 41 years of life! Your web site has helped me to be the happiest man on earth! A million thanks is not enough! May Hashem bless your site and everyone who works on it and all the members, with plenty of good health, happiness and success always. I wish every one at Mit Mazel only the BEST!!!! — Yakov
  It's very nice, dear. — Webmaster's Mother
  Hi there. Just a quick note to update you that Simcha and I have been married now for about 3 months! We are both so happy! And to think it was less than a year ago that we found one another on your wonderful website! What a HUGE miztvah you are doing!!! Thank you so much for being the partner that you are with Hashem!! You brought Simcha and I together to create a full complete neshama that longed so deeply to become complete! IY"H (bli neder) we will send you some pictures from the wedding when we get them back from the photographer. IY"H that should be within another month or so. I remember when I first looked at your website. I looked at the few pictures you had on your "successes" page. I cried, because I imagined and thought to myself.... maybe one day that would be me and my zivug! And between Hashem, you, Simcha, myself.... and lots of family.... here we are!!! Thank you, thank you!! All the best … — Shayna Rochel
  … Also, I just wanted to say that I have met at least five Mit Mazel members, and although I am still not engaged, they were all great people. — Miriam Bracha
  Don't know how long ago I joined, but just to say thanks, as your web site keeps improving. THANKS for a great site. Nowhere else are there as many Lubavitch members, and there seems to be a better "quality" of person on mitmazel. All the best for the future. — Ezra
  Dear Mit Mazel, Thank G-d, today, the 23-rd of Tishrei (Sunday October 15, 2006) Yaakov and Sarah had a healthy baby boy. Both baby and mom are doing well and may come home in a day or so. Thank G-d, this is our second baby. Every day we thank Hashem for all the blessing we have in our lives and we will always be grateful to Mit Mazel for helping Hashem to get us married. We plan on keeping you posted on how are lives are going and we hope that all single Jews go to Mit Mazel to find their Beshert. A million times Toda Raba from Yaakov and Sara, from Los Angeles California. — Yaakov and Sarah
  Ivan and I clicked on Mit Mazel! We are very grateful to you for introducing us. When I saw Ivan's profile, I thought he was so interesting and handsome. I was not sure he would write me back but I took a chance. Now that handsome, interesting man is my husband. When we made havdalah tonight I was so grateful to Hashem and Mit Mazel for my wonderful husband. Thank you Mit Mazel for the priceless opportunity to meet my prince. — Michele

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